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mae engelgeer

Photography and styling for


"Equipped with an ever growing body of work that is both impressive and unique, Trouerbach seems to have the creative midas touch. As everything she puts her hands and mind to turns to artistic gold, 

Trouerbach reaffirms herself as a creative who is not only communicating ideas through her work, but as someone to watch closely and become inspired by with her skill and eye completely on point."

Whether it concerns photography, styling, graphic design or art-direction, Debbie Trouerbach has the unique ability to speak her creative mind clearly through almost any medium.


A curator. With a sophisticated sense of style and a keen eye for coming trends; curating and styling are a way of life for her.


A creator. Uniting a very diverse set of skills, she’s able to intuitively and playfully create strong and structured visual narratives.


A director. She employs her natural efficiency to achieve a dynamic workspace. Inspiring others to show their innate strength and talent she gathers will power and progressive enthousiasm into making a lasting impression.




Photography and styling for

Photography and styling for


Photography and styling for


"With a recognisably striking palette of whites, greys and blues, there is an identifiability of her touch within her work, yet her pops of pastels and refreshing take on the commonly used shades allow her to stay one step ahead of her peers."



"Rather than making

a faint statement,

her refined minimalism

speaks volumes."


Autonomous work

Photography for

The fine store

"The strength of her photos and styling comes not from that which she has decided to include, but instead lies in what she has omitted, and in her ability to do so. "

- words by Sarina Meuleman for Pitch zine


Photography & styling for


Photography for


Photography for


A collaboration with Eva Roovers

Photography  for


Styling by April and May

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Telephone: +316 46017189

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