Poems by the forces of the natural world

A continuous introspective journey through meditative sceneries in search of a deeper connection with the

very depths of space, nature and time.

Late summer '17 I traveled to the dramatic volcanic island of Lanzarote, Spain.

I wanted to experience the moody and intimidating volcanic scenery firsthand and document the melancholic landscapes on tactile 35mm analog film. A volcanic landscape reminds oneself of that what the earth must have looked like before there was any life as we know today.

It's funny to me how people usually experience this surroundings as 'surreal'. From a wider perspective, this, is actually very real. Volcanic landscapes existed, before any form of life. Society as it is today, and all of the circumstances needed in history to evolve to where we are today, that is the real thing that is very 'surreal' to me.

Accompanied by water that crashed into the earth from other worlds, earth's volcanic activity in it's early years has been crucial for the life as we know today. Enriching the earth's surface on which we live with a melange of life essential raw materials and minerals. Bringing water vapor into the atmosphere. Connecting us to other planets, connecting us with the energetic center of our own earth. Showcasing historical geological events for the past millions of years. Connecting us with the past and the future. The volcanic world has an incomprehensible spirit.