Fine imagery touches. Enriches. Brings balance and creates harmony. 

With great enthusiasm I help others visualize authentic beauty through art direction and photography to develop visual soothing stories. 


.Selected work


.Clients & personal projects


Through my work I share a continuous introspective journey through meditative sceneries in search of a deeper connection with the very depths of space, nature and time.

It is an ongoing visual essay showcasing disarming elegant faces.

In search for eyes that possess a certain delicate, yet playful pureness, a clear window to the soul.


A personal  research on well-balanced & sophisticated style. An observation and forecast of refined trends. 


Guided by intuition and trust, I use photography as a tool to bring harmony to my ever growing enthusiasm for the natural world, eastern philosophies and minimalist aesthetic. Allowing the stories to unfold while following the rhythm of the natural world.

 Debbie Trouerbach-1-2.jpg


I am based in Amsterdam and available for new projects. Looking forward to hear from you if you have any inquiries.